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Our tournament would not be possible without the dedication of our key people and their families. We invite you to get to know the folks who have made our tournament and fundraiser for pulmonary fibrosis possible over the years.

Cindy, Jamie & Gregory Chandler

The Chandlers’ tournament story began in 2007 following the death of Greg from Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, an unknown disease to us. We have since experienced the deaths of my dad Guy in 2009 and Greg’s mother Ida in 2013, both from PF. Our family and friends were the catalysts behind the tournament and continue to support, manage and promote the event to this day! We are lucky to be surrounded by such a caring and generous community.

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In 2007 our goal was to navigate our family’s new normal and have an event to remember Greg. We decided to raise money for PF awareness that first year. Since that first year our efforts have grown more specifically into fundraising for research within our community. We have continued to memorialize Greg, Dad and Grandma Ida by our active involvement in continuing the tournament, growing it and expanding our community awareness activities.

Our desire to raise awareness and funding has led to my becoming a PFF Legislative Advocate to raise awareness in DC and increase research funding for PF across the country. Locally, we have developed a wonderful relationship with the UR research team who work so diligently to find a cure. We have met with our local legislators to raise their awareness and hopefully inform their decision making regarding health care legislation.

We are so thankful for everyone involved in keeping our loved ones’ memories alive. Sadly, through the years we have seen other good friends suffer with PF, which has strengthened our commitment. My friend, Deb Buono, passed away in 2017 from PF caused by drug therapies for cancer. The Chandler and Buono men have decided to grow the tournament into a premier Rochester event that will benefit the many families dealing with PF and the research that requires much funding to continue. Their enthusiastic work is a true testament to their commitment!

The Solimano Family | Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, Rochester NY

Marilyn Solimano

In 2007, my son-in-law Greg Chandler died of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis at the age of 52. My husband stepped in and worked to fill the gap that Greg left in our grandsons’ lives.

Unexpectedly, after a brief viral respiratory illness, my husband developed PF and died in 2009. His death left our family devastated. My motivation and hope is that the money raised from our golf tournament will help researchers find treatments and a cure for Pulmonary Fibrosis. I am very proud that my Grandsons have joined forces with the Buono men to continue the work of this tournament.

The Buono Family

Deb Buono, a fierce PF warrior, lost her battle to this disease in 2017 due to complications of medical treatment for cancer in the late 90s and early 2000s . A close friend to the Chandler family for many years, she became a staunch supporter of this fundraiser long before her diagnosis. Through her “Buono Boys” Frank, Michael, Jeffrey and Eric they have ensured she will always have someone representing her legacy and continuing to support the fight against pulmonary fibrosis.

The Buono Family | Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, Rochester NY

Chris and Eileen Scoville

“We support the Rochester Pulmonary Golf Tournament in memory of our friend and best man, Greg Chandler. Greg was a fun-loving, charismatic, hardworking family man and we miss him every day. Participating in the Tournament helps keep Greg’s memory alive and brings us closer to a cure for this devastating disease. Please sign-up to play or donate today to this important event!”

Kinsky Family

Mike Kinsky was diagnosed with IPF in 2016 and transplanted with a single lung in February, 2017. His wife, Mary, was his caregiver during his acute illness and recovery from the transplant. They became involved in the tournament in 2017. They are currently co-leaders of Breathe Easy Rochester, a support group for pulmonary fibrosis. They are passionate about helping others diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis and funding research to find a cure.

The Kinsky Family | Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, Rochester NY

John Capellupo

I have been involved in the fight against PF with the Chandler family right from the beginning. My son Aaron and Jamie played travel hockey together at Webster. Greg and I were coffee buddies.
I will never forget the day when Greg and I were talking in the lobby at Webster. Greg told me he was hoping to extend his life a few years by getting a lung transplant, I thought he was crazy. There didn’t appear to be anything wrong with him, a few months later he was gone. When Cindy asked me if I would help with the tournament I knew I had to. Something needed to be done to help find a cure for this horrible disease.


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